You can now request document signatures directly from Dropbox.


Dropbox has now fully integrated their recently-acquired HelloSign into the core Dropbox experience—which means you can sign and request document signatures directly in Dropbox now.

Here's how to get signatures on a Dropbox file. Open a file that needs signatures in Dropbox, then the Share menu now has a new "Send for signature" option. That'll open an embedded version of HelloSign, and will automatically make an account for you based on your Dropbox account. There you can add signature, date, and note fields, invite people to sign the document, and send a note along with the document to add extra info.


Then, once your document is signed, the Dropbox app will send you a notification—and the signed document will be synced to your computer along with the rest of your Dropbox files.

And it works on all Dropbox accounts, too. Free Dropbox accounts can get 3 documents signed per month; business plans get unlimited signatures.

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10 months ago

This is so helpful!

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@maguay (replying to @DCasha )
9 months ago

Of all their acquisitions, HelloSign finally feels like a perfect fit for Dropbox!

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