October 24, 2020


What was the worst software update?

What software update broke your brain and made you have to relearn what you already knew how to do?

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Will 1Password's pay-once plan stay around?

Hope they keep a one time fee available, because so far I haven’t had to do subscription and don’t want to.

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What's the oldest software you still use regularly?

Have an old piece of software that you keep around, even if it's unsupported? What's made it so valuable to you?

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What is the best email marketing app?

Do you use a tool that does everything from newsletters to drip emails, or do you rely on a newsletter app? What's your favorite?

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What software feels overpriced compared to the value you get from it?

There are a number of products that bring so much value to teams, they'd be willing to pay 3x for them. But what software do you pay for that doesn't feel quite as valuable? And if you still pay fo...

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What old, unsupported software do you miss today?

I still find it sad that Microsoft Access hasn't continued to be a well-supported way to build simple database applications, though Airtable has largely replaced it for my needs. What older deskto...

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What pipeline steps do you use in Pipedrive?

Would love some inspiration on how other teams break up the sales process, as our team could likely benefit from adding a few more steps to our basic flow.

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How difficult was it to start using SendGrid?

What did you use before to send emails, and how hard was switching?

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What is the worst part of using SendGrid?

Any parts you find frustrating?

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