October 25, 2020


What is the best reason to use AWS?

What made you choose AWS over Azure and Google Cloud?

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Which AWS services are worse than their competitors?

Curious if there are any AWS services you avoid using.

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Why did you quit using AWS?

If you've switched to another hosting or cloud provider, why? Curious before deploying our site on AWS.

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How much AWS credit did AWS for Startups give your company?

Seems you can get between $1,000 to $100,000—wondering how much your company was offered, or if you found other deals worked out better.

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How do AWS Reserved Instances work?

Reserved Instances seem like the best way to save on AWS over the long term, but worried about losing the flexibility of only using the capacity we need. Has this been an issue for your team?

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Which Asana features are not as good as the competition?

Anything you still use other apps for?

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What project management app did you use before switching to Asana?

We've used Basecamp, then Trello, then a customized Airtable, and now are considering using Asana. Curious what apps others used before switching to Asana, and how the change was for you.

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How much has your team customized Asana?

Or has it worked well enough out of the box?

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Do Asana’s mobile apps include all of its features?

Could you use Asana effectively from your phone without ever using the online version? That'd be very convenient for our sales team members when they're out of office.

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