April 23, 2021


What tools do you integrate with Segment?

Our team is using Segment to keep contacts synced from our database to MailChimp—but know we could be using it for more. What do you have connected to Segment?

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What are the best prototypes you've built in InVision?

Would love to see examples of the most real-feeling interactive InVision prototypes for inspiration.

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Why does your team use InVision?

Curious if we need a tool like InVision—right now, we just share designs in Slack and comment on them there. What made your team decide to use InVision?

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How do you organize design assets in InVision?

Finding it difficult to keep everything organized in InVision—what's your team's process?

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How do you export InVision comments?

Looking for a way to get all of our team's comments out of InVision into our project management app.

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How do you manage design tasks from InVision?

Would love to hear other design team's workflows for addressing comments and issues raised in InVision.

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Do you design in InVision Studio, or use other design apps and import your work to InVision?

We're fairly happy with our current Sketch + InVision setup, but curious if others have made the switch to consolidate things.

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Which Figma plan does your team use?

Trying to decide if we need to pay for the whole team—and if the organization plan will be needed long-term.

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What's your Figma feedback workflow?

Figma comments seem a bit difficult to manage—does your team have any system to manage design feedback in Figma?

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