May 18, 2021


How do you organize tasks in Asana?

Do you prefer lists, kanban boards, or timelines?

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Why did you choose Asana?

There are so many to-do list apps—what feature made you pick Asana?

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What's your favorite Typeform template?

Looking for unique ways people are using Typeform, especially for things that aren’t typically done with forms.

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Have you sold products through Typeform?

Why did you choose it instead of an eCommerce store?

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Is Typeform Connect better than other integrations?

Wondering if I should use it instead of my Typeform Zaps. Is it as powerful as tools like Zapier?

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Why do you use Typeform?

What made you choose it over other form builders?

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How do you make Looker faster?

Looker can be quite slow to load data sometimes, so trying to find ways to speed it up.

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When should you use a Looker view instead of an explore?

Seems they’re both similar—any reasons to choose one over the other?

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Is LookML better than standard SQL queries?

Wondering if learning LookML is needed to use Looker effectively

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