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What will be the breakout software category in 2021?

2020 saw an explosion in the use of video chat tools—and the ecosystem of add-on software to make video calls better and other tools to aid remote work. It also saw notes apps be an increasingly po...

What's your tech stack for B2B SaaS with $2-5k ACV relying primarily on transactional sales using email outbound?

B2B SaaS owners! If you have a product that's between $2-5k ACV and you rely mostly on outbound email campaigns for your growth (i.e. transactional sales), what does your tech stack look like for C...

What's the easiest user analytics tool to integrate into your app?

Google Analytics is great for seeing everything that happens on your site—though it’s hard to tie it into your user events and build a full picture of people’s interactions in your site and app. A...

Stitch is sunsetting the free plan

Like many other companies, we and several of our clients have relied on the free version of Stich in certain use cases for transferring data from one platform into another (i.e. Facebook Ads to Big...

What is Customer Data Platform?

While CDP—including tools like Segment and its alternatives—is a growing category in SaaS right now, it's still not easy to explain the core value proposition of a Customer Data Platform. For inst...

Good Segment alternatives (It's too expensive for B2C)

We're currently looking at a few alternatives - roll your own - - any experience with the above tools, other tools?

What is your favourite way to send drip campaigns?

We are a small bootstrapped SaaS company ( and we want to setup automatic emails to new users based on a few criteria e.g. To -- > New admins, signup confirmation emai...

What is the best B2B product usage analytics solution?

Mixpanel, Amplitude and several others are more for B2C use cases. Coz of this, account level (usage at the company level) grouping is either very tough OR available only at their enterprise-level ...

Alternative to Segment Personas?

I'm looking for a tool to build the source of truth about my users/customers. Segment Personas fits the bill BUT last time I checked (12+months ago) it was super expensive. Does anyone have an al...

What BI tool do you use? How much do you pay for it?

Pricing for popular BI tools like Tableau and Power BI can get very confusing. Would be great to understand your usage and how you charge your end user to account if you provide analytics using one...

What's the best way to get feedback about a design or product?

Do you have a favorite survey or poll tool to get feedback, or a unique process to get actionable insights from your users about your design, product features, pricing, and more? There was an inte...

What are the best practices for signup conversion tracking in 2020?

I've used most of the usual suspect tools. Currently we're primarily using Amplitude and Google Analytics. GA is great for aggregate signup/funnel analysis, but doesn't let you go much deeper. Als...

How do you measure sign up attribution?

We are a new startup and we want an easy way of tracking how users came to our site and signed up. We want this for digital sources (like facebook) + non-digital (like billboards or radio).

Migrating off of Intercom

We currently use Intercom for 1) customer support (chat and email), 2) drip email marketing, and 3) customer knowledge base. But the nature of our business and Intercom's business model has quickly...

Do you have a single "database of record" or do you rely on a more federated model?

Did you hit a point where it made sense to get a single CRM/database of record? Especially curious to hear from those of you with large user-bases or no sales team.

Do you filter Segment data with Persona Audiences, or use filters inside your apps themselves?

Trying to decide how to best manage contact data from Segment in MailChimp—should I send everything from Segment to MailChimp, or filter it with personas audience builder first?

How important are Segment protocols?

We've been using Segment directly, without using protocols. What's the core benefit of setting them up, and have you had trouble with false positives?

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How do you export data from Segment?

Is there any way to export out all of the data that has passed through your Segment account?

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Why do you use Segment?

Seems like many of the things that Segment connects—including Google Analytics and other analytics tools—could be directly added to your site just as easily, while other tools—email newsletters and...

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What tools do you integrate with Segment?

Our team is using Segment to keep contacts synced from our database to MailChimp—but know we could be using it for more. What do you have connected to Segment?

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