Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about Trello?

Flexibility in usage on the boards.

The flexibility to allow each of my team members to create a board in their own image has been unbelievably valuable for adoption, use, and productivity. Everything else, like Power-Ups, and Teams views/boards has been gravy on top.

You can go very deep and use it for many situations for free.

I like the fact that I can use it for pretty much everything. I use it to manage knowledge within my company, keep notes on every city I visit, etc

Trello is simple to use and the price is right

Growing list of integrations. Particularly like the TeamGantt sync. Makes it easy for our development team and product team to communicate and plan the roadmap.

Trello is both simple and extensible, meaning that it's both easy to start using and tweaking to your needs.

Its beauty and flexibility.

nikz's avatar Nik

I enjoy the simplicity - it's usually the fastest and easiest way to track something

Easy to use and get started. Didn’t need to read a manual

What one thing do you like least about Trello?

It's difficult to manage notifications with any level of granularity so it becomes unwieldy with a larger team.

Their pricing has changed from when they launched. Getting people used to the product and then changing the free limits is very unfair.

Getting the rest of the team up to speed about how we use Trello

Could do with more guidance on writing cards/structuring boards

I find the way it handles repeating tasks very inconsistent and confusing.

No easy way to get a global perspective across boards.

nikz's avatar Nik

I'm not 100% sure about some of the feature additions - it feels like sometimes they make things more complex without necessarily being useful.

No way to manage multiple boards and see all the tasks assigned to you across boards

Lack of clear history for items (description edits).
Search sometimes leaves something to be desired. Particularly if your partial word search is not the start of the word you are looking for.

The checklist functionality is very basic - no option for sub-tasks which can be individually assigned to people or given their own attributes.