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Co-founder @ Drag (Techstars' 19) | MIT Alumni | Brazilian, engineer, ex-military, avid traveller, classical pianist.

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Yup. Drift has already started (not inside their app yet but it’s a first step): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/video-screen-recorder-for/kfhkikpdmehlpkaiplafjkaicdljldcf

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Although I love it and am an avid user: loom.com

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Although we try to use as few as possible, still quite a lot:

  • G Suite for email, chat, call, files, (Gmail, Google Chat, Google Meet, Google Drive, Docs)
  • Workflows: DragApp (for customer support…
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I also see this unification as a trend like @NateNotes and think it's a smart move from Google.

Over the last decade there was such a boom of productivity tools across different verticals (video…

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