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David Sarlos 28

founder and team leader, Vialog

NOW: Looking to work with webshops who want to improve engagement and sales with video reviews. Founder of Vialog. Async, timezone-proof video chats for world-class businesses and communities.

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Hello Capiche community 👋

I'm curious to hear about your experience with video advertisements. In particular to pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post rolls using online video players.

As a rough estimate…

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almost 2 years ago

Hi Capiche Community,

We are validating an async video discussion tool in different markets. We have partners from very different geographical regions and industry verticals and their usage of our…

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When it comes to recording or presenting your screen, what touch highlighter/gesture tracker you are using?

We are looking for solutions for iOS, Android and mac OS to further improve clarity of…

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