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Arpit Choudhury 1476

Product Marketing Manager, Trifacta

Helping folks work with data at @Trifacta and Data-led Academy | Previously led growth at @integromat | Lover of data and APIs | Remote work evangelist

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While most people equate democratization with access, I’d argue that data democratization takes a lot more than making data accessible.

Moreover, it’s an ongoing process that, in most cases, requires…

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2 years ago

Everywhere I look, I see companies talking about Customer Data — why capture customer data, how to store and analyze customer data, and how to build better products using customer data.

But what the…

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2 years ago

While CDP—including tools like Segment and its alternatives—is a growing category in SaaS right now, it's still not easy to explain the core value proposition of a Customer Data Platform.


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