WordPress is free, open-source software to run on your own hosting or server.

The hosted also includes a free core plan using a subdomain, with ads. Paid plans start at $4/month for a custom domain, $8/month with customization options, and $25/month with add-on support.

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, additionally sells Jetpack with security and backup features for WordPress from $3.50/month.

Additionally, you can purchase paid themes and plugins to add additional features to your WordPress site, with prices depending on the 3rd party vendor.

Last updated 07/02/2020

How much are you paying for WordPress?


We run over 120 websites on WordPress and they are all run on private hosting with free downloaded versions of Wordpress. We also have a few blogs set up on and those are all also run on their free offering. we do pay for some of the plugins we use on our websites but those are developed by private theme and plugin developers.

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That’s a lot of websites. How difficult/easy it is to manage them?

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